The Pack review – Amazon’s canine Olympics is pawsitively absurd

Pets! Limos! Speedboats! Zipwires! Welcome to the greatest dog show on Earth – or at the least the one most likely to leave you feeling totally inadequate compared to a puppy

In Britain, a show about dogs and their owners is presented by someone in a good anorak, and involves half a dozen mutts and their besotted owners, who appear to have been simply the first to turn up at the application process. It involves challenges such as finding a rubber bone in a big garden or carrying a sock down a hill. Sometimes they have to jump over a stick. Sometimes “they” are the dogs, sometimes “they” are the owners. All are equally willing. The winning dog gets some really nice biscuits and its owner gets to watch the dog eating its really nice biscuits. Then everyone goes home for a cup of tea and another biscuit.

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