“A red fox comes in for closer inspection of human visitors on the south side of St. Matthew Island [Alaska, United States of America]. The island grouping only gets visitors (researchers and tourists) every few years so wildlife has little to fear.” Photographer: Nathaniel Wilder

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My roommate tried to save a little Mexican free-tailed bat and give it a better life, but unfortunately it passed away. She was upset that the bat couldn’t have a better life so I’m determined to give it a great afterlife. RIP Mercy L. Lago, I hardly knew ye. (And yes, I wore gloves.) :(

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Captive Beluga Whales Named Little White & Little Grey Have Been Rescued From A Russian Research Center & Released To An Open Water Sanctuary In Iceland

SEA LIFE Trust is delighted to confirm that after years of captivity, two beluga whales, named Little Grey and Little White, were saved and returned to the sea at the world’s first open water sanctuary in Iceland for belugas called Klettsvik Bay on…